Open Textbooks

Research Methods in Psychology

In 2013 I reviewed two open textbooks for the BC Open Textbook Project. One of these, for Research Methods in Psychology, was written by Paul C. Price (California State University, Fresno) and was good enough for me to consider adopting for my classes for the Fall 2013 semester (following a number of revisions).

In October 2015, I-Chant A. Chiang (Quest University) and I completed a major revision of the textbook for BCcampus.  The result was a comprehensive undergraduate textbook that incorporated recent developments within the field (e.g., the “replicability crisis,” Many Labs projects, open science practices, discussions of questionable research practices such as p-hacking). The second Canadian edition of this textbook is available free of cost and in a variety of digital formats.

This book has since been updated adapted for use by faculty at multiple institutions in the United States (e.g., Washington State University, Brooklyn College, Texas A&M University, Texarkana) as well as in New Zealand.

Most recently, Carrie Cuttler (Washington State University), Dana C. Leighton (Texas A&M University, Texarkana), and I worked together to update the textbook. Whereas each of us had previously revised this textbook separately, this was a collaborative project that spanned several months. With the assistance of the Rebus Community and drawing on the expertise of several peer reviewers, we produced the fourth edition of Research Methods in Psychology in August 2019.

Social Psychology

In early 2014 I was contracted by BC campus (along with Hammond Tarry) to revise an open textbook on Social Psychology (originally written  by Charles Stangor). The first international edition of this textbook is also available online, free of cost and in a variety of formats. Once again, please feel free to download and reuse, revise, remix, retain, and redistribute it.

NOBA Psychology

From 2015-16 I served as the Associate Editor of NOBA Psychology, where I edited a number of modules and ancillary resources for Introductory Psychology. In 2016 I wrote a NOBA module on Research Methods in Social Psychology.